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Thursday, July 28, 2011

SAS (software)

This software is an integrated system of software products provided by SAS Institute Inc. that enables programmers to perform data entry, retrieval, management, and mining, report writing and graphics. It is very useful in providing statistical analysis for business planning, forecasting, and decision support. Additionally, I see it widely used in operations research and project management.

Recently I have been looking into preparation for the SAS base and advanced exams and also whether it is worth getting the qualification. 

I have been hearing that the exams are really easy, if you have used SAS at all in a real environment. The biggest areas to study are DATA [especially the different input FORMATs] and MERGE for the Base one.PROC SQL, and Macros for the Advanced one. As far as books are concerned, Burlew's "SAS Macro Programming Made Easy " seems to be good buy and so is Cody's books.

SAS seems to be having great potential in India. From what I have been researching, business analytics in India is in  a growth stage and now is the right time enter this field. In New Delhi,there are 2-3 good Institutes which provide training for BASE & Advance SAS.

There seems to be some study material for both Base and Advanced SAS exam here:

The key point I think is, after you passed the exam, you still need a lot of practice to really understand SAS programming. As always, no shortcut to become an expert!                      

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